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Agenda: BRITE '14

March 3-4, 2014
Roone Arledge Auditorium, 1st Floor, Alfred Lerner Hall
Columbia University, 116th Street and Broadway, New York City

Day 1: Monday, March 3th

8:00 am – 8:45 am – REGISTRATION and NETWORKING
8:45 am – 10:20 am – SESSION 1
John L. Kennedy
The New Technology Forces Driving Marketing’s Evolution
John L. Kennedy, VP Marketing, IBM Global Business Services

    The convergence of new technology capabilities (mobile, social, analytics, cloud, cognitive computing) is profoundly changing the way marketers shape the customer experience. Rapid deployment of these new capabilities, working seamlessly together, is a customer-driven mandate for marketers. During this session, John will discuss how converging technologies are changing the role of marketing, and how you can rapidly leverage them to achieve your own marketing objectives.

Lisa MacphersonMichael Goodwin
Getting Closer…Through Data
Lisa Macpherson, Chief Marketing Officer, Hallmark
Michael Goodwin, Chief Information Officer, Hallmark

    Hallmark is a brand known for building relationships.  But intimate relationships with consumers increasingly depend on businesses’ ability to use data to gain insights about  future customer needs.  In this session, CMO/CIO partners discuss how one of the world's most high-touch brands is harnessing technology and data to strengthen consumer relationships and build loyalty…and what they are learning along the way.

Alexandra Chong
The Power of Girl Talk: Sharing Honest Opinions in the Social Web
Alexandra Chong, Founder & CEO, Lulu

    Lulu is a private app for girls to create reviews of guys and make smarter decisions -- starting with relationships. Founder Alexandra Chong will talk about building the Lulu community, prototyping and learning from your users, and the power of sharing and recommendations in the social web.

10:20 am – 10:50 am – NETWORKING BREAK
10:50 am – 1:00 pm – SESSION 2
Neil Blumenthal
How Is Your Startup Different from All Other Startups?
Neil Blumenthal, CEO & Co-founder, Warby Parker

    Join Neil Blumenthal to learn how he and his co-founders started Warby Parker—and what's at the heart of his vision to disrupt the eyewear industry by providing designer prescription glasses at affordable prices. Neil will also discuss blended retail, leadership strategies, building a narrative, world-class customer service, and his belief that businesses can do good in the world without charging customers a premium for it.

Donald Chesnut
There is no “Virtual” Reality:
How Blended Experience Will Dominate the Next Era of Marketing
Donald Chesnut, Chief Experience Officer, SapientNitro

    Marketers are facing game-changing transformation. People have become enamored with technology that empowers them to be more connected, informed and in control than ever before. Simultaneously, brands across the world are trying to leverage technology to make their interactions in the physical world more meaningful, with mostly poor results. The majority of brands are making the mistake of treating “digital” and “physical” worlds separately, while consumers see them as one. During this session, Donald Chesnut will show how experience-led brands are succeeding by treating both the creation and measurement of new experiences as integrated wholes. Through the innovative use of sensors, computing and intelligence embedded directly within the environment, deeper engagement and emotional resonance can be achieved.

David Rogers
The Disruptor’s Playbook:
Re-Think Your Business to Adapt and Thrive in the Digital Age
David Rogers, Executive Director, BRITE
Author, "The Network Is Your Customer”

    Every industry today faces the challenge of constant disruptive change, driven by the rapid acceleration of new digital technologies.  To thrive in this environment, business must not merely avoid disruption, it must capitalize on each digital revolution to find new ways to create value for customers. This interactive session will present a simple framework for learning to “think like the disruptor” and approach any established market with an outsider’s fresh perspective.

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – LUNCH
2:00 pm – 3:50 pm – SESSION 3
Paul MarcumJon Steinberg
Dhiraj KumarWilliam Bardeen
Jonathan A. Knee
Monetizing Social
Paul Marcum, Head of Global Digital Innovation,
Bloomberg Media Group

Jon Steinberg, President & COO, BuzzFeed
Dhiraj Kumar, Director Product Marketing, Americas, Facebook
William Bardeen, SVP, The New York Times
Jonathan A. Knee, Senior Managing Director, Evercore

    Social media has transformed the way established and emerging media attract and engage their audiences. The monetization potential of this revolution is still not fully understood. A diverse panel of proven innovators in social media will debate what the future will bring.

David Williams
Connected CRM: Delivering on a Data-Driven Business Strategy
David Williams, Chairman & CEO, Merkle

    How do you lead a customer-centric, data-driven business strategy in a disruptive digital world?  By tying customer data to business decision-making, with Connected CRM™.  When executed successfully, this approach will create a fundamental shift in your organization, placing the customer at the heart of business strategy.  Join Merkle Chairman & CEO David Williams as he discusses the importance of an organization’s ability to understand consumer behavior, and how to use that knowledge to create personalized experiences that drive long term customer value and sustainable competitive advantage. 

3:50 pm – 4:15 pm – NETWORKING BREAK
4:15 pm – 5:45 pm – SESSION 4
Bernd SchmittJeff James
Cassie MogilnerRaj Raghunathan
Yannick L. R. van der Vaart
Possessions or Experiences: What Makes You Happier?
Bernd Schmitt, Professor, Columbia Business School
Author, “Happy Customers Everywhere”
Jeff James, General Manager, Disney Institute
Cassie Mogilner, Assistant Professor, The Wharton School, Univ. Pennsylvania
Raj Raghunathan, Professor, McCombs School of Business, Univ. Texas
Yannick L. R. van der Vaart, Co-Founder & CEO, Abramar

    How can organizations contribute to the happiness of consumers, citizens, and society? Including perspectives from the worlds of economics, branding, and urban planning, this panel explores material and experiential purchases and initiatives, and how to market them for everybody’s benefit.

Mary Beech
Retail as Media Channel
Rachel Shechtman, Founder & CEO, STORY

    As traditional brick and mortar environments struggle to stay relevant and profitable, new concepts are emerging to challenge the status quo.  Rachel will explore the idea of redefining what it means to be a physical retailer through her business STORY – an innovation concept shop which has the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery, and sells things like a store.  She will share her trademark notions of retail as a media channel and further explore her latest theory, merchandising as advertising.

5:45 pm – 7:00 pm – SCHMOOZE Wine and Beer Reception

Day 2: Tuesday, March 4th

8:20 am – 9:00 am – REGISTRATION and NETWORKING
9:00 am – 9:45 am – MORNING PLENARY
Mary Beech
Effectively Building Your Brand Voice
Mary Beech, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Kate Spade New York

    Successful luxury brands don’t just sell products, they sell an aspirational lifestyle that a consumer can tap into by buying their goods. In order to have a distinct point of view and differentiate itself, a brand needs a set of guardrails and a clear brand vision. During this session, Mary will discuss how brands can clearly establish their voice in every medium in which they participate—digital, social, retail, and traditional—and bring their brand voice to life.

9:45 am – 10:05 am – NETWORKING BREAK
10:05 am – 11:00 am – PARALLEL BREAK-OUTS 1
Carsten WierwilleStephen J. Liguori
Stephen J. Liguori Matt Quint
The Internet of Things:
How the Internet’s Next Frontier Will Transform Business
Carsten Wierwille, VP, frog design
Stephen J. Liguori, Executive Director, Global Innovation & New Models, GE
Madhur Aggarwal, VP, Head of Marketing Strategy, Office of CMO, SAP
Matthew Quint, Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership

    From wearable computing to the connected home, intelligent medicines, self-driving cars, tweeting aircraft, and smart power grids – the Internet of Things is already here, and we are just beginning to understand how it will transform the digital world for consumers and businesses alike.

Darren McCollAlan Schulman
Digital Storytelling in the Data-Driven Age:
Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds
Darren McColl,Global Chief Strategy Officer, SapientNitro
Alan Schulman, VP, Global Digital Marketing and Brand Content, SapientNitro

    Today great brand storytelling isn’t just about making ads; it’s more about creating worlds - digital and physical, verbal and visual. Join SapientNitro, OMMA's Creative Agency of the Year, as they outline “Storyscaping;” an approach that combines the power of great storytelling with Systems Thinking to create meaningful and immersive experiences. See how weaving Organizing Ideas with data can create a world of experiences. Learn how data can be used to drive storytelling with highly connected consumers through intelligent messaging, relevant content and new forms of data visualization.

Jerry Kim
From Products to Platforms: Strategies for a Networked World
Jerry Kim, Assistant Professor, Columbia Business School

    Intense competition in product markets has made competitive advantage increasingly difficult to sustain. Digital technologies exacerbate these challenges, but also provide new opportunities for strategic positioning. Prof. Kim discusses how understanding the social structure of the market is the key to building vibrant platforms for consumers, and enhancing the innovative capabilities for firms.

11:00 am – 11:15 am – NETWORKING BREAK
11:15 am – 12:10 pm – PARALLEL BREAK-OUTS 2
Mary Ann FitzmauriceDonald Kurz
Niels SchuurmansMike O'Toole
Creating Content and Culture: Building Brands the Unconventional Way
Mary Ann Fitzmaurice, SVP, American Express OPEN
Donald Kurz, Chairman and CEO, Omelet LLC
Niels Schuurmans, EVP, Viacom Velocity Creative Content
Mike O’Toole, President, PJA Advertising + Marketing

    The best brands are thinking far beyond promotion to build relationships with customers in deeper and more expansive ways. With Small Business Saturday, American Express has begun to elevate the place of small retailers in business culture. From the media and agency side respectively, Viacom and Omelet are creating innovative branded content that is generating major buzz and earned attention. We'll discuss the impact and value of such investments, as well as questions of accountability and return. 

Mark Hurst
Beyond the Brainstorm: Innovation with Customers Included
Mark Hurst, Founder, Creative Good
Co-author, "Customers Included"

    Why can't some companies manage to give customers what they want? Drawing on case studies from his new book "Customers Included," Mark Hurst will lead a discussion about how "listening to customers" is often misunderstood, if not ignored outright, leading to poor outcomes. There will also be a live demonstration of "listening labs" research and a hands-on exercise for participants to evaluate different ways of gaining customer insight.

Bill SchildLarry Friedman
Liz HarrisonEva Ascarza
The Future of Marketing Measurement
Rick E. BrunerVP, Research & Analytics, Specific Media
Larry Friedman, Chief Research Officer, TNS North America
Liz Harrison, Senior Associate, McKinsey & Company
Eva Ascarza, Asst. Prof. of Marketing, Columbia Business School

    Marketing is a mix of art and science but the pressure now is weighted towards getting the science side of this equation right. This panel will look at which marketing metrics really matter, how to ask the right questions of both your audience and your data, and the multitude of ways that communications in an omnichannel world are interacting.

12:10 pm – 12:25 pm – NETWORKING BREAK: Return to Auditorium
12:25 pm – 1:00 pm – CLOSING PLENARY
Marty Homlish
Bridging the Silos
Marty Homlish, Chief Customer Experience Officer, HP

    Lessons from the HP Transformation. From a starting point of excessive brand and budget fragmentation, this presentation will show how HP Marketing bridged organizational silos and galvanized the company to rally behind the “One HP” brand.