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What is BRITE?

BRITE is a global series of conferences that focus on emerging trends in branding, innovation, technology, society, and culture.

BRITE events bring together big thinkers from business, technology, media, and marketing to discuss how today's big ideas are reshaping the ways that organizations build and sustain great brands.

BRITE provides attendees with engaging presentations that will stimulate their thinking when they return to the office to work on strengthening their own brands. Our speakers come equiped with inspiring stories, creative content, and universal insights that show how innovative strategies and tactics can help build all kinds of brands, whether they are people, places, products, services or ideas.

Topics include:
  • adapting to the networked customer
  • driving innovation inside and outside the organization
  • B2B brand building
  • developing effective ROI for online and offline marketing
  • TV 2.0
  • utilizing user-generated content
  • online content platforms

BRITE is presented by the Center on Global Brand Leadership. Founded at Columbia Business School in 1999, the Center has grown into a global partnership of leading business schools. The Center brings together researchers, corporations, agencies, and entrepreneurs to develop new thinking about the future of innovation and branding. To find out more about the Center and our worldwide activities, please visit us at

BRITE was started with a generous grant from the Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business.

Speaker Submissions: If you would like to suggest a speaker for the BRITE Conference, please fill out this form.


Attendee Feedback for BRITE

"I got the idea for my next book to write at your conference."
- Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do?

"We developed two clients from contacts made at BRITE. Second we were able to. better seat the key principles of the BrandAsset valuator model and gain additional credibility for our model and consultancy by giving out executive summaries of our book, The Brand Bubble."
- Ed Lebar, co-author, The Brand Bubble

"BRITE seemed to me the antithesis of most conferences – none of the usual rote panels while exchanging business cards. Had not heard of this conference until a friend convinced me last year to attend, and was stunned at all I learned. Speakers and professors illuminated issues that it seems others haven’t even begun to dissect yet, or even know they need to know about. It turned out to be an excellent investment of time and money, and a genuinely enriching experience that I continue to reference with friends nearly a year later. Would very much love to attend again this year if I can work it out."
- Deb Wilker, Contributing Editor, Moving Pictures magazine

"The BRITE Conference is on the leading edge of the convergence of digital media, consumer experience and brand building.  The connections are as valuable as the content.  I recommend to clients, who want to be thinking ahead of the pack."
- Doug Berger, Managing Director, INNOVATE

"BRITE was a great conference, with thought provoking sessions… great insights, and best of all — good discussions and conversations among the audience."
- Francois Gossieaux, Co-founder & Partner at Human 1.0

"Thanks so much for putting together a fantastic conference, I attend a number, and this one really stood out as changing the way I view business."

"Amazing presentations and ideas."
- C.B. Whittemore, author of Simple Marketing Blog

"The conference really inspired us. My partner and I are really looking at everything we do and repositioning ourselves frankly around all the stuff we learned over those 2 days. So I thank you for that. It's definitely the future and the future is now."
Warren Strugatch, Vice President/Editorial Strategies at ImageQuest Communications

"Truly inspiring, congratulations!"
Fabian Pfortmüller, Co-Founder, Sandbox Network

"Forward thinking concepts and speakers, didn't tell us what we 'are' doing, but gave ideas as to what we should be doing and innovative platforms on which to do it."
- attendee

"I was glad to be part of it and hear from a high caliber of presenters. I believe that you're onto something special with BRITE."
Jeff Fleischman, Chief Digital Officer, TIAA-CREF

"Thanks to BRITE for creating a community where innovators, leaders and really great people can come together to create relationships that will truly create BRITE outcomes for millions of people."
- Lisa Buskbaum, Founder & CEO, Soaringwords