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Overview: BRITE Workshop on Online Communities

BRITE Workshop on Online Communities
9:00 am — 5:00 pm
October 16, 2008, New York City
Columbia University

This hands-on workshop at Columbia Business School will provide managers with the practical tools and knowledge to use online communities and social networks to drive growth and achieve key business objectives.

Instructors will introduce key concepts and trends in the area of online communities, and identify case studies and best practices in leveraging communities for business. The workshop will provide actionable "how to" learning for implementing the right strategy in your own organization.

Real-world cases will demonstrate how companies are using online communities for: stoking buzz, engaging influencers, and nurturing brand advocates; network listening, market research, and product development; and customer service, employee communications, and recruiting.

Key benefits:

  • Understand how and why your customers and employees are networking online
  • Discover ways to support and benefit from their peer-to-peer interactions
  • Build an action plan for tapping into online communities
  • Identify the right strategy for your business and your customers
  • Develop goals and measurement benchmarks
  • Learn from cases of business success and failure in online communities

Who Should Attend?

Managers and executives charged with marketing, sales, customer service, business development, strategic planning, new product development, media buying, public relations, corporate communications, or consumer research.

What Prior Attendees Have Said

"It was an incredible experience to spend the past two days with CMOs and thought leaders in the industry... The conference engaged marketing professionals in rich discussion about the convergence of technology and media and its implications for modern business." - Amanda Mooney

"Great speaker. Very inspiring insights." - Maria Pousa

"There was very little powerpoint, but a lot of ideas!" - attendee

"An opportunity to meet fascinating people, and exchange ideas." - attendee