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Press/Blog Coverage and Attendee Feedback for BRITE '11

7 Digital Trends Worth Your Attention
The 2011 social media trends watch continued as Steve Rubel, SVP and director of insights at Edelman Digital, highlighted predictions and recommendations for this year while speaking at the BRITE ’11 conference hosted by Columbia Business School’s Center on Global Brand Leadership in New York on Wednesday. Brite is a global conference series focused on topics like culture and technology.
- Nancy Lazarus, PRNewser

Brain freeze: data overload and the weary consumer
It’s been long established in marketing research circles that the more choices you give a consumer, the less likely he or she is to decide on one. Sheena Iyengar, a professor at Columbia Business School and author of The Art of Choosing, addressed a roomful of marketers at BRITE ‘11 about how to navigate the problem. Her work has implications for selling anything online or offline.
- Laurie Petersen, eConsultancy

How Domino's Put Heart Into Its Marketing
One of the themes emerging from the BRITE 11 conference held at Columbia University last week was the humanization of marketing. Two speakers in particular talked about aspects of marketing -- truth and the greater good -- that you might not expect to hear about in a conference centered around branding, innovation, and technology.
- Keith Dawson, The CMO Site

4 (Out of 11) Digital Trends Marketers Need to Watch
Steve Rubel, who holds the formidable title of Director of Insights at PR firm Edelman Digital, recently presented on 11 digital trends to watch in 2011. I'm going to highlight four of them here -- the ones that caused the most buzz on the hashtag #BRITEconf for the BRITE 11 conference on Brands, Innovation, and Technology at Columbia University in New York, where Rubel keynoted.
- Keith Dawson, The CMO Site

BRITE ’11 Conference Highlights
The BRITE 2011 conference is over and, once again, delivered intellectually, creatively and socially while exploring the theme of Transparency as it relates to brands, innovation and technology. BRITE presenters shared their interpretation of transparency across a wide range of businesses, integrated across communication media, made relevant locally and globally, and applied to customers as well as employees.
- C.B. Whittemore, Simple Marketing Blog

BRITE Conference 2011 Wrap-Up
There were quite few great takeaways from the Brite’11 Conference this year. As for additional speakers, I would have liked to seen a few more of the Silicon Alley startups who are on the leading edge of this social wave. Yet, this is probably my narrow purview alone as the focus of the conference is on global brands, technology and innovation, not just social media.
- Brad Jobling, Curiously Social

Attention is Your Most Valuable Business Currency
At the BRITE conference last week, hosted by Columbia Business School, I saw presentations by some of the leading minds in business marketing, development, and customer service.  All of the presentations were incredible, but one in particular really blew me out of the water.
- Anthony Green, Take Care of Biz


Attendee Feedback from previous BRITE '10

Great conference. Well organized. Many new & interesting perspectives. Format of event was very innovative.

I feel like I'm getting the most current, up to date info on branding, innovation and technology. Lots of takeaways.

Love the intelligence of the thoughts and perspectives on marketing and business innovations.

I enjoyed the varied content and presentations, and the environment promoted easy networking discussions.

There was a great content mix--kept up the interest and momentum through the day.

Good mix of current and upcoming developments. Full of ideas. Stimulating.