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November 18, 2009
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Schmitt Goes Video on Us (read)
Dany Levy, Founder of DailyCandy, to Speak at Columbia (read)
David Rogers Honored with Brand Leadership Award (read)
Measuring the ROI of Marketing in Online Communities (read)
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For Your Amusement (read)
Schmitt Goes Video on Us
MeetSCHMITT"I always wanted to be a movie star," jokes Prof. Bernd Schmitt as he watches the latest video interview he conducted in Studio 510 (formerly known as his office). In a new initiative, Schmitt has launched the MeetSCHMITT video channel on YouTube to discuss what is influencing the worlds of brands, marketing and experience.

Several great videos are already posted, including: Schmitt’s experience at the SAP and Tribeca Film screening of City Island with Marty Homlish, SAP’s Global CMO (watch); a discussion of the state of brand building in China with Prof. Shi Zhang (watch); and luxury and fashion expert Carlo Fei noting that luxury brands aren’t yet creating exceptional customer experiences (watch).

Despite the growth of online video, the development of distinctly business-focused online media channels, particularly in sharable platforms, is still developing—YouTube, for example, hasn’t yet created a "business" category on its site. 

"Don’t forget to mention the SCHMITT and His Friends section, where we will discuss the existential issues of life," quips Schmitt.  Of course we won’t. Not with Anton Meyer of the University of Munich discussing such a high quality beer experience (watch).

Dany Levy, Founder of DailyCandy, to Speak at Columbia

Dany LevyThe Center on Global Brand Leadership, in concert with the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, the Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization, and the Columbia Media Program, is proud to present a talk with Dany Levy, founder and editorial director of, on December 10.

Founded in 2000, DailyCandy has become a leading lifestyle media brand delivering over 3 million emails daily. The company was sold to Comcast in 2008 for a reported $125 million. Levy’s talk will focus on the lessons she has learned as an entrepreneur, as well as her insights into what it takes to build successful brands and communities alongside trustworthy and compelling content.

When:  Thursday, December 10 from 6:30-8:00pm (refreshments following)
Where:  Columbia Business School, Uris Hall Room 301
Cost:  Students free, Alumni $20, and External Guests $30
Registration: Dany Levy Forum

David Rogers Honored with Brand Leadership Award
David RogersThe Center’s Executive Director David Rogers was honored with the prestigious "Brand Leadership Award" at the 18th annual World Brand Congress held on November 4th & 5th in Mumbai, India.  Rogers also served as Keynote Speaker at the event, which had the theme "Brands - Recharge, Innovate, Re-engage in Today’s Times."

In line with this theme, Rogers' delivered a keynote presentation (video) titled: "The Network Is Your Customer: 5 Strategies for Brands in a Digital Age."  To thrive today, he stated, brands must know how to innovate products, services, and communications that help networked customers do what they most want to do -- access, engage, customize, connect, and collaborate in the digital world. 

For further information, click here.

Measuring the ROI of Marketing in Online Communities
What is the ROI of marketing through word of mouth in online communities, and how does it compare with traditional ad campaigns for the same brand? Some intriguing answers can be found in the research report on a field experiment by Prof. Olivier Toubia of Columbia, Prof. Andrew T. Stephen of INSEAD and Aliza Freud '01, CEO of the SheSpeaks social networking platform.

Continuing the work that they presented at the Center's October 2008 BRITE Workshop, the research team used the SheSpeaks community to launch a word-of-mouth marketing effort alongside a standard campaign of print advertising. The word-of-mouth effort led to response rates over 10 times higher than the traditional campaign strategies.  The study also found that the SheSpeaks participants initiated far more offline interactions than online ones.  "Even though the online component was central to the campaign," Toubia says, "online interactions appeared as an extension — not a substitute for — offline social interactions in the campaign."

A summary article can be found here, and a full .pdf version of the report is also available.

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