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December 17, 2009
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Save the Date for BRITE '10! (read)
Influencers: The Search for Marketing's Holy Grail (read)
Schmitt Launches The Daily Tiger (read)
Good Book, Good Cause: Geier's "Survive to Thrive" (read)
More Reading (read)
For Your Amusement (read)
Save the Date for BRITE '10!

BRITE ConferenceMark your 2010 calendars for the BRITE '10 conference on brands, innovation, and technology, returning to Columbia courtesy of the Center on Global Brand Leadership.

Speakers already confirmed include: Vivian Schiller (CEO, National Public Radio), Mike Indursky (Chief Marketing Officer, Burt's Bees), John Gerzema (Global Chief Strategy Officer, Young & Rubicam), Jeff Jarvis (author, What Would Google Do?), Dwayne Spradlin (CEO, InnoCentive), Ava Seave (author, Curse of the Moguls), Devo Springsteen (Grammy-Award-winning songwriter & producer for Kanye West), and many others.

Save your dates for March 31-April 1 at Columbia Business School! (Registration begins in January)

Influencers: The Search for Marketing's Holy Grail

Duncan WattsMarketers and brand strategists are increasingly interested in finding and targeting consumer "influencers" who shape the marketplace. But does anyone yet understand how consumers actually influence each other?

Duncan Watts, principal research scientist at Yahoo! Research, tackled this question in his speech to the Marketing Association of Columbia. Watts called the pursuit of unnamed influential consumers the "Holy Grail" of modern marketing and, much like the original grail, the object of an impossible quest. 

Read more about Watts research into the phenomenon of customer influence, the conditions that might cause it and strategies a company can employ to act on it.

Schmitt Launches The Daily Tiger

New Yorker on Tiger WoodsTiger Woods is a multinational brand of his own, and analyzing the business and marketing effects of this story is a hot topic. It didn't take long for "The Tiger Woods Scandal" to go from The New York Post to The New Yorker.

Schmitt notes, "If they feel they must comment on the Tiger brand, I suppose as a branding expert I have the responsibility to launch a new "Daily Tiger" playlist on my video channel."

Watch daily for Schmitt's "conceptual, high brow analysis" of the Tiger Woods brand.

Good Book, Good Cause: Geier's "Survive to Thrive"
Survive to Thrive

This holiday season, order a book for your favorite "Mad Men" fan and support two great charities at the same time. Columbia Business School board member (and longtime friend of our Center) Phil Geier has just released his new memoir, "Survive to Thrive."

Over 20 years as CEO, Phil "Deals" Geier grew the Interpublic Group into the world’s largest advertising company. His new book -- part advertising history, part personal memoir -- tells the truth about his triumphs, mistakes, and lessons learned, from the real story behind the New Coke launch, to how a bomb scare helped win a new business pitch.

All book proceeds will be donated to Save the Children and Autism Speaks (both causes where Geier has served on the board). Learn more and order copies of the book here.
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