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February 11, 2010
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Consumer Confidence and The Brand Bubble (read)
Rogers Blogs to Preserve the Word (read)
Hosting the NY Video 2009 Top Startup Competition (read)
The Rise of Switzerland's Oldest Bank (read)
More Reading (read)
For Your Amusement (read)

John GerzemaJohn Gerzema, Chief Insights Officer at Young & Rubicam is concerned that Wall Street thinks brands are worth more than consumers do. In his book, The Brand Bubble: The Looming Crisis in Brand Value and How To Avoid It, Gerzema and his co-author (Ed Lebar) contend that the consequence of this variance in valuation is a brand bubble that could erase a significant amount of intangible value within business and the global economy. Watch Gerzema elaborate on this theory in this video."

So what should be done in the business commuity to avoid a bubble? John is now looking at what motivates the "post-crisis consumer" and how companies can react and build their brand in response to it. He sees today's consumers moving from fear to empowerment by being smarter about how they save money and spend money. In a recent blog post John began to riff on the idea of "slow marketing" tactics that can help post-recession marketers:

  • Remember to tell the story of your roots
  • Embed feedback into your company, your brand and your marketing
  • Show both the value and values of your brand
  • Practice declasse consumption--reckless spending is out
  • Learn "Flea market capitalism"--a capitalism based on personality, uniqueness, provenance and storytelling
To hear John Gerzema speak at BRITE '10, register now.
Rogers Blogs to Preserve the Word

David RogersOur Executive Director, David Rogers has just launched a new blog. Just what inspired you to do this, David? "Well, now that Schmitt has given up on text, I felt that I should do my part to carry on the tradition."

David will be wiriting regularly on marketing, new media, and customer networks -- as well as posting links to some of his favorite articles, research, and case studies.

Some recent posts on his blog include:

Wishing you much success with the blog! (Especially since we like to pilfer that content for this Newsletter.)
Hosting the NY Video 2009 Top Startup Competition
NY VideoThe Center is pleased to be hosting the NY Video 2009 Top Startup Competition on December 17.

Over 100 video startups have demo’d in front of over 3,300 members. Now, it’s time to crown the top dog. NY Video’s Top Startup of 2009 will be selected by open nomination and voting for the Top 5 Finalists, followed by a live demo competition here at Columbia Business School where 300 members will select the winner via live SMS vote.

So visit to sign-up, to vote for your favorite startup, and to register for the event.

When: December 17, 2009 from 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Uris Hall, Room 301, Columbia Business School
Cost: $10, taken at the door, first come first served

The Rise of Switzerland's Oldest Bank
Wegelin & Co.A new case study co-authored by Professor Bernd Schmitt examines how Wegelin & Co., Switzerland's oldest bank, faces difficult expansion decisions as it looks towards the future.

In spite of the ongoing global financial crisis, Wegelin is doing better today than ever before. It has achieved this success by maintaining its core customer traditions while modernizing and innovating through technology investments, educational partnerships, and the creation of an ownership participation system.

Wegelin now must decide whether to try to build on this success by expanding internationally or stick to its tried and true domestic strategy.

A summary article, including a link to request the case study, is here. A video interview with Prof. Schmitt discussing the details of the case is available here.

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