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February 25, 2010
BRITE '10 Conference Early Bird Registration
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Launching BRITE Facebook Page with Jazz Flare and Discount (read)
New Business Models for News (read)
Masters of Our Merchandise: The 3D-Printer Revolution (read)
New Marketing Program: Customer Centricity (read)
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For Your Amusement (read)
Launching BRITE Facebook Page with Jazz Flare and Discount

BRITE '09 Jazz InterludePlease join us on Facebook, as we have just launched our own BRITE Conference Fan Page.

Posted on the page is a $55 discount code for the BRITE '10 conference for anyone who becomes a fan!

We look forward to fostering a community of all those interested in how innovation and technology are shaping the way organizations and people build strong brands. So, we encourage you to share you comments, post your content, and network with each other on the page.

As a final incentive, we have posted on the Videos tab a wonderful "jazz interlude" from the BRITE '09 conference featuring none other than our own executive director, David Rogers.

To get and share the discount code and watch the jazz interlude, join now.
New Business Models for News

Jeff JarvisWe are please to have Jeff Jarvis, a professor of journalism at CUNY and author of What Would Google Do?, speaking once again at BRITE '10.

Last year at BRITE '09 (video), Jarvis talked about how the themes is his book could be applied to the future of marketing and avertising. In adjusting to the new world of social networking and internet penetration, he stated, "Your product becomes your ad, and your customers become your ad agency."

At BRITE '10 Jarvis will talk more about his current efforts at CUNY to develop New Business Models for News. Jarvis recently noted some of the themes emerging from these efforts:

  • Online news will be selling digital services rather than media space.
  • Voice matters--advertisers must place offerings within the right community.
  • There is interest in networked sales among media outlets, both big and small.
  • There may be potential for citizen sales that support news business.
To hear Jeff Jarvis speak at BRITE '10, register now.
Masters of Our Merchandise: The 3D-Printer Revolution

Customer Centricity - Exec EdBre Pettis, co-founder of MakerBot Industries and NYC Resistor, has recently created the MakerBot 3D Printer (video), which enables consumers to take a digital design and recreate it in a physical, 3-dimensional form in mere minutes.

Pettis explains the significance of the invention in a recent ABC News Radio interview,

"If you had told me twenty years ago that I would be able to send a friend on the other side of the world an object and they would be able to get it and recreate it in minutes, I would have told you, 'you were crazy,' but you can do it now."
He goes on to discuss the impact on consumption, as we know it,
"As Americans, we’re really not connected to the things that are made anymore. We buy things.  We’re consumers. When we want something, we usually think about going shopping first.  But with this, when you want something, you can think, 'Oh, I can make that!'"
To learn more about Pettis and the MakerBot 3-D Printer, visit his blog.

To hear Bre Pettis speak and demo the 3-D printer at BRITE '10, register now..

New Marketing Program: Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity - Exec EdCustomer Centricity, a program at Columbia Business School Executive Education debuting this May, helps managers create sustained value for their organizations. Led by Faculty Director Kamel Jedidi, a select team of professors from the Marketing Division at Columbia Business School focuses on the key principles of customer centricity and the best practices that have evolved in the field.

Transitioning to customer centricity requires executives to focus on developing strong relationships with the right customers instead of purely developing and marketing the right products. Through interactive discussions, lectures and case studies, the program allows participants to:

  • Understand how investing in customer relationships drives shareholder value
  • Develop customer segmentation based on profitability and tailor products and services to the segments
  • Learn customer-centric business metrics, such as share-of-wallet, churn, silent migration, and cost-per-acquisition
  • Design effective loyalty programs to improve customer retention

Customer Centricity takes place May 35 at Columbia University. Click here to learn more.

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