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April 21, 2010

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9 Themes from the BRITE '10 Conference

BRITE '10 First of all we'd like to thank all the participants of our BRITE '10 conference for their energy and contributions. You were an amazing group of speakers and attendees.

For those who weren't able to join us, David Rogers, our BRITE host, has shared nine major themes that he found running through the presentations, case studies, workshops, and conversations at BRITE.

Here is a short teaser of the first theme, and a listing of the other 8. You can read his full summary here. We've also begun to host full videos of the speaker presentations on the BRITE videos web page (with more to come).

1. Stop thinking of customers as individuals. Start thinking of them as networks.

This is the central thesis of my next book, "The Network Is Your Customer," which I previewed at the conference. Many speakers throughout BRITE represented new businesses built on customer networks: InnoCentive, MakerBot, SheSpeaks, Others presented businesses that have adapted to this new model of the dynamically engaged customer: NPR, Samsung, the Red Cross.

In my talk, I argued that businesses need to re-think how they create customer value, by understanding the five core behaviors of customer networks: accessing, engaging, customizing, connecting, and collaborating. I presented cases of network-based products, services, and communications, including Virgin American's in-flight Wi-Fi service, Zipcar's on-demand car rentals, and IBM's videogame Innov8, which has become the #1 lead generation tool for their top selling business software.

2. No customer is statistically insignificant.

3. Be the influencer.

4. Lower the barriers to entry for customers, and raise your level of expectations.

5. Shift from mindless to mindful consumption.

6. True innovation balances emotional & functional design.

7. Leverage untapped potential in your organization.

8. Culture eats strategy for lunch.

9. You are not in the business that you think you are in.

Once again, you can read David's full summary of BRITE '10 here. And you can start checking out full videos of the speaker presentations on the BRITE videos web page.
Samsung's Next Frontier

2View cameraPoint-and-shoot cameras are wonderfully convenient, but they've always had a nagging issue: there is no way to tell whether you've framed yourself well when holding the camera for a self portrait.

In a new case study, Samsung's Next Frontier, Bernd Schmitt examines the inspiration for and launch of the first camera in the world to tackle this problem: Samsung's 2View which has display screens on both the front and back of the camera.

Written in a format "akin to a New Yorker article," Schmitt takes the reader through both the customer insight process that led to this innovative new camera, and Samsung's broader interest in transforming itself from a purely engineering-driven company to a consumer-driven company as well.

You can download the full case from our Center's website here. If you are interested in using this case for instructional purposes (including an instructor's note), please make a request to

Coverage of BRITE '10 conference

We also wanted to share with you various other blog posts and articles that were inspired by the BRITE '10 conference. Hopefully if you didn't make the event, some of the insights in the articles below will be useful to you.

The hunt for the elusive influencer
- Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine

Tapping Into the Crowd: How Easy Is It to Get Users to Work for You?
- Meghan Keane, Econsultancy

Lessons from The BRITE '10 Conference, Part 1
- Phil Simon

Lessons from The BRITE '10 Conference, Part 2: Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch
- Phil Simon

Building Online Communities: BRITE 10 Summaries
- Christopher Liechty, Experiential Marketing Guide

For more articles on BRITE '10 please visit our website.

Follow our great BRITE speakers

BRITE '10 ConferenceMany of our BRITE '10 speakers are readily sharing thoughts online through Twitter or a blog, so we wanted to help connect you to them below.

For a full listing of these, and past BRITE speakers visit our Facebook page.

Dave Carroll

Singer/songwriter who penned "United Breaks Guitars"

Robin Chase
Founder and former CEO, Zipcar

Aliza Freud
CEO, SheSpeaks

John Gerzema
Chief Insights Officer, Young & Rubicam

Ran Harnevo
Co-Founder and CEO of 5min

Devon Harris
Founder and CEO of Astor Place Media

Ori Inbar
Co-Founder and CEO, Ogmento

Ryan Jacoby
Associate Partner, IDEO

Jeff Jarvis
Associate Professor, City University of New York

Bre Pettis

Founder of Makerbot Industries and Thingiverse

David Rogers

Bernd Schmitt
Faculty Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership
MeetSCHMITT video channel

Dwayne Spradlin
CEO, InnoCentive

Chris Tolles

Duncan Watts
Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research

Nate Westheimer
Co-Founder and EVP of Product & Technology, AnyClip


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Featuring a BRITE '10 presenter

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