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October 5, 2010

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Is Web TV Poised to Overthrow the Cable Box? (read)
Launch of the Brand Leaders Forum (read)
Announcing BRITE '11 Dates and Call for Speakers (read)
Samsung's Approach to Innovation and Design Management (read)
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For Your Amusement (read)
Is Web TV Poised to Overthrow the Cable Box?

Web TV boxes: Apple, Google, Roku and boxeeWhen you sit down at home to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, is your TV remote the only device you grab? Or, like many people, are you also plugging in a computer or set-top box to link the Internet to your TV screen? Cable still reigns supreme on most home televisions today, but a raft of news over the past month shows signs that we are at a turning point for its challenger, "web TV."

September began with the announcement of an upgraded AppleTV box, as well as new offerings from other web-based set-top boxes: GoogleTV, Roku and boxee. These devices offer viewers a wide set of easy and cheap (even free) ways to watch video a la carte and on demand.

A key to each of these devices is their decision to leverage Netflix's "Watch Instantly" service with its large selection of TV and movie streaming content. Netflix's decision to purchase licensing rights and develop a robust streaming web video service actually drove cable providers (e.g. Comcast Fancast) and media companies (e.g. Hulu and HBO Go) to mimic the same "on demand" streaming offerings through the web.

A lot remains to be played out in the deals and decisions made by content and service providers (new and "traditional")—not to mention the impacts that may come out of the net neutrality debate. But it is clear that web TV is in a new stage of evolution, and brand building opportunities within this arena will grow. Testing efforts on how to use the added analytics and interactivity of the web are already underway. For example, Hulu has introduced an “Is this ad relevant to you?” check box into the pre-roll and in-show ads on their network.

What do you think will be the biggest impacts on brands of this growing internet TV trend?

Read more and comment.

Launch of the Brand Leaders Forum

On September 10, 2010, the Center hosted the inaugural meeting of its Brand Leaders Forum. The Forum is designed to bring together top executives from a wide range of industries to promote a dialog on the challenges and best practices of brand building.

Our founding members come from a diverse array of companies—American Express, Coach, Gabelli Funds, The Geier Group, Google, Harbor Point Associates, NBC Universal, RF Binder, SAP, and Visa—which creates a non-competitive environment in which they can learn from each other about new ideas and innovations occurring outside their own industry.

To stimulate learning and discussion at the Forum, the Center also brings together experts both from within and outside Columbia Business School to present their latest findings and insights. Conversations at the debut meeting focused on the latest trends in digital marketing, as led by David Armano, SVP of Edelman Digital, and the importance of intellectual property protection, as led by Prof. Michel Pham using a case study format. 

If you, or a leader within your organization, is interested in finding out more information about the forum and how to become a sponsoring member, please visit our website for more information.

Announcing BRITE '11 Dates and Call for Speakers

BRITE conference logoPlease mark your calendars for the BRITE ’11 conference which will take place on March 2-3, 2011 at Columbia Business School in New York City. 

BRITE offers a different blend of thinkers and doers, both onstage and off, than you will find at any other event. Participants come to think differently about the changing landscape of branding, media, technology and society, and to connect with a unique group of innovators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and champions of social enterprise.

We have also opened our Call for Speakers for BRITE ’11. If you, or a candidate you know, is interested in applying to present at the conference, please download our submission guidelines (.pdf).  Submissions are due by October 25, 2010.

Samsung's Approach to Innovation and Design Management

Yoon Lee of SamsungThere is an inherent tension in the management of innovation. The essence of innovation is a creative process, one that is often most easily achieved by individuals or small groups.

For large businesses that need to manage and optimize innovation on a large scale, developing processes can pose a challenge. Samsung has invested a lot in developing its own process for innovating consumer-focused products, with results evident in cutting-edge designs like the 2View camera.

At our BRITE '10 conference, Yoon C. Lee, Vice President, Product Innovation Team, Samsung Electronics, discussed how Samsung has developed its innovation process.

Yoon talked about:

  • keeping their process simple,
  • using data to guide innovation,
  • honing a focused value proposition to communicate to the customer, and
  • how design management must balance functional and emotional values.
You can watch video of Yoon's presentation, as well as numerous other BRITE '10 videos, here.
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