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December 9, 2010

BRITE '11 registration | 50% OFF through December 31, 2010

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Two Events: Women in Media (Dec 16) + Rogers Book Launch (Jan 26) (read)
Branding Case: How Much Are adidas' Three Stripes Worth? (read)
Center Launches Research with Ogilvy: Brands & Social Values (read)
More Reading (read)
For Your Amusement (read)
Two Events: Women in Media + Rogers Book Launch

Sobel-BRITE Event SeriesThe Center on Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business is pleased to announce a new event series hosted jointly with Sobel Media. The "Sobel-BRITE Event series" will present leading practitioners in the areas of marketing, media, and branding, in short formats at a midtown location, leading up to the center's BRITE '11 conference.  Information on the first two events follows:

Women in Media & Technology: Making Deals and Making News
7:30-10:00am, Thurs. December 16, 2010
At the Samsung Experience at Time Warner Center (10 Columbus Circle)


  • Linda Boff: Director of Global Marketing, GE Corporation
  • Maureen Isern: Founder & Executive Producer, Moped Productions LLC
  • Fran Pomerantz: Partner, Media & Entertaiment, Korn/Ferry
  • Diane Pierson: VP of Marketing, The Copyright Clearance Center
  • Tara Maitra: VP & GM Programming, TiVO

Price: $25 online/$30 at the door

The Network Is Your Customer: Book Launch & Panel Discussion
7:30-10 am, Weds. January 26, 2011
At the Samsung Experience at Time Warner Center (10 Columbus Circle)

  • David Rogers: author, The Network Is Your Customer and Executive Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership
  • Lisa Hsia, Senior VP, Bravo Digital Media
  • Frank Eliason, Senior VP Social Media, Citi
  • More tbd

Price: $20 admit /$30 with signed book
(limited number of free seats for Columbia B-School students, faculty, & staff)


Branding Case: How Much Are adidas' Three Stripes Worth?

adidas v Payless case studyThere is a saying that tigers cannot change their stripes, but in 2006, Payless ShoeSource learned the hard way that it had to change its stripes. A new case study authored by Professor Michel Tuan Pham, commissioned as part of the Center on Global Brand Leadership's BRITE Case Study Series, explains how premium brand adidas proved in court that discount retailer Payless was confusing shoppers with a two- or four-stripe "knock-off" of adidas' signature three-stripe sneaker. 

In the groundbreaking ruling, Payless was found guilty of both trademark infringement and dilution, and awarded over $300 million in restitution by the jury. The case and its legal arguments are of critical importance to managers of discount brands, who have historically toed the line between inspiration and imitation they develop their own product designs and features.

A summary article, including a link to request the case study, is here.

Center Launches Research with Ogilvy: Brands & Social Values

In days past, brands primarily stressed their functional benefits when communicating to customers. While functional messages haven't disappeared, brand building has moved into new frontiers, with marketers now connecting their brands to emotional and social values.

Supported by a grant from the Ogilvy Foundation, the Center on Global Brand Leadership is conducting an empirical research study, led by Professor Bernd Schmitt, to examine how these different types of messages are perceived by consumers.  The first phase of the research will look specifically at the effect of these appeals—functional, emotional, and values-based—within the context of a brand's position in the marketplace as leader, follower, or new entrant. Study participants will report on their perceptions of print advertisements developed for nine different types of products and services across a range of industry categories.

The study aims to understand the interaction, and the relative appeal, of these different brand messages to help businesses make decisions about what types of communications may be better suited to their specific industry category and to their position in the marketplace.

Interested in sponsoring a research project? Please visit our sponsors page.
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