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Innovation is a core force behind business growth and brand building. A range of talks at the BRITE conference have highlighted best practices and case studies in how to drive innovation in your organization.

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Creating a Culture of Rapid Experimentation
Kaaren Hanson, Intuit

Developing an Innovation Process
Yoon C. Lee, Samsung New Business

Business Models Based on Sharing
Robin Chase, Founder, Zipcar
One core issue that spurred the creation of the BRITE conference was the growth of digital technologies and interactions that are transforming advertising and marketing campaigns and customer relationships.

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The Human Operating System
Abigail Posner, Google

A New Path to Purchase
Marc Speichert, CMO, L'Oreal USA

Which Half of My Digital Marketing Is Working
David Rogers, Host, BRITE Conference
Disruption and innovation often go hand-in-hand. As technology and information accessibility expand, all brands must tackle new challenges from disruptors in their industry.

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Making Machines that Make Anything
Bre Pettis, Founder, Makerbot Industries

Disruptive Innovation for Brands
Luke Williams, author of Disrupt!

The Disruption of Higher Education
Sree Sreenivasan, CDO, Columbia University
Driving new possibilities for brand-customer interaction and strategies for word-of-mouth marketing, social media has been a hot topic thoughout the course of the BRITE conference.

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Lessons from "United Breaks Guitars"
Dave Carroll, songwriter

Building Consumer Relationships through Purpose
Panelists from GE, ESPN, and Sandbox

11 Digital Marketing Trends
Steve Rubel, Edelman
Predicting peoples' behavior isn't easy, but understanding better how they might react to their needs and desires is crucial to effectively using innovation and technology to build a brand.

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Overwhelming Consumer Choice
Prof. Sheena Iyengar, Columbia Business School

The Athena Doctrine: Feminine Values are the Future
John Gerzema, author

The Power of Habit: How Target Knows You Better Than You Do
Charles Duhigg, author
Whether the data is big or small, businesses that effectively gather it, connect it, and interpret it can improve their innovation processes and strategic marketing. As long as they mind privacy concerns.

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The Power of Big Data in a Networked World
David Rogers, BRITE Host

The Public-Private Continuum of the Internet
Jeff Jarvis, author

(Data) Mine Your Own Business
Prof. Oded Netzer, Columbia Business School
The rapidly changing landscape of media is re-shaping how companies think strategically about this fertile ground for initiating and building customer-brand relationships.

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Disruption & Opportunity for News Media
Vivian Schiller, CEO of NPR

The Challenge of New Media
Antonio Lucio, CMO of Visa

Online Video Revenue and Measurement Opportunities and Challenges
CEO's panel: Vimeo, Everyday Health, IconicTV, Group M Interactive
Despite all the new ways we have to discover and research brands, advertising still plays an enormous and influential role in many phases of the ever-adapting purchase funnel.

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Unconventional Marketing Investments
Shiv Singh, Pepsi & David Haroldsen, Intel

The Future of Advertising and Marketing
Jeff Jarvis, author

The Truth about Mobile Advertising: Does It Even Work?
Prof. Miklos Sarvary, Columbia Business School
Everything about your business can affect your brand, so companies need to think strategically about how to manage their global presence, demonstrate transparency, and communicate their social values.

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The Human Element
Bob Garfield, AdvertisingAge

Five Strategies for Entrepreneurial Branding
Julie Cottineau, BrandTwist

The Century of the Asian Consumer
Prof. Bernd Schmitt, ACI & Columbia Business School
Every brand building effort must start with a clear goal and strategy, but just as crucial is the development of metrics and measurement tools to evaluate and adapt every tactic, action, and even the strategy itself.

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Communications Effectiveness and A/B Testing
Pete Koomen, Optimizely

Marketers Struggle to Measure ROI
Prof. Don Sexton, Columbia Business School

Measuring Diffusion and Influence on Twitter
Duncan Watts, Yahoo! Research